If there is a triangle on the head, you can be assured your bolts are from one of the best and most complete cold heading companies in North America... Infasco

Project One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower), NY, USA

Exceptional quality & consistent reliability

As a global leader in fasteners, we provide the widest range of fastener products and services to the marketplace. For more than 60 years, we’ve earned a reputation for providing products that are of the highest caliber of quality with consistent reliability. As we look ahead, we are focused on continuous improvement, so that we can surpass our industry leader performance.

Four divisions with
one united goal

We have made a commitment to our customers that we will develop, manufacture or distribute what you need ; And this is what we do.

from concept
through distribution

Together, Infasco, Infasco Nut, Galvano and Infasco Distribution will align themselves with the needs of the Marketplace better than any other company.

Working with OEM's, Fabricators and Project-based customers along with their Supply chain partners, Infasco provides a complementary role through engineering support, quality control documentation, strategic warehouse locations, and dedicated Account Managers to bring our North American Made products to market


A Member of the Heico Metal Processing Group

Infasco is backed by the global strength and resources of our parent company, Heico. As a privately held American holding company devoted to manufacturing, construction and industrial services, Heico has the ability to make decision that serve markets need and customers rather than shareholders.

Infasco is also part of Heico Metal Processing Group. The companies that make up Heico Metal Processing Group includes the following companies:

Proud to be a WBE business

We are proud that our operations are certified as woman owned, operated and controlled in those countries that formally recognize this important classification. This certification allows us to become better partners to many of our customers by helping them to meet their supplier diversity requirements.