Committed to Manufacturing Excellence and Quality Products while being a valued business partner.

Quality commitment

To make higher quality fasteners more efficiently and at a competitive cost, Infasco continuously acquires new equipment and technologies.

  • Computerized Statistical Process Control (SPC) throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Soft Drop handling equipment to protect thread integrity.
  • Spectrometric chemical analysis.
  • Computerized non-contact dimensional measuring equipment.
  • Accredited ISO 17025 Laboratory.
  • Magnetic Particle Examination of Discontinuities.

The quality management system is certified to both ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

Infasco’s Quality Assurance Task Force continuously seeks and sets new industry standards of excellence. Infasco operates an accredited ISO 17025 testing laboratory to verify and ensure strict adherence to product specifications. Achieving high quality levels is our goal and new ways to achieve this are continuously discussed and tested.