Cold forged bolts

Dome Head Scraper Blades

Dome Head Scraper Blade Bolts differ from Plow Bolts (#3) in a number of key ways. Dome heads are typically manufactured to 170 KSI. This is a higher strength than Grade 8. The rounded head is thicker and domed creating a more robust head to withstand punishing applications. This head design allows for improved impact resistance as well as greater wear resistance. The square neck of the scraper blade bolt keeps the bolt from rotating when tightening the nut during installation.  

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Dimension range


Diameter : 5/8" to 1"

Length : 1 1/2" to 4"



SAE J429, ASTM B18.9



170M PSI

Technical drawing

Dome head scraper blades

Surface finishing

Plain, Zinc or with a speciality coating to specification.