Surface Treatment and Finishing

Coating system revolutionizes corrosion resistance

INF3013™ is engineered to provide superior corrosion resistance and assembly performance over black bolts or mechanically galvanized coatings.

This innovative coating system ensures long-term performance and reliability in demanding environments, making it ideal for critical applications.


  • Versatile coating for F1852 (A325) and exclusive option for F2280 (A490), exceeding ASTM F3125-22.
  • It offers standard shear wrench socket fit, higher nut proof loads, and post-tapping nut coating.
  • Lubrication ensures consistent frictional properties, unlike wax or oil.
  • Structurally sound, resistant to hydrogen embrittlement.
  • Enhances aesthetics and protection with paint application.

INF3013™ sets the benchmark for coating excellence, ensuring unparalleled durability and protection and is available in our tension control and heavy hex head structural bolts.

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INF3013 versus Mech Galv


“I highly recommend Infasco's bolts for any upcoming projects, more specifically the 3013 TC. The efficiency and effectiveness of these bolts are truly remarkable, making them a valuable choice for increasing productivity.”

  • Ethan Moore – Project Manager, SME Steel Contractors

“Infasco's coated 3013 TC bolts, is a fantastic solution to an industry problem, and I will most certainly be using this system on our next project that requires coated A490 bolts.”

  • Gary W. Provencher Sr. – Project Manager, SunSteel LLC