Cold forged bolts

Flange Hex Head Screws

Hex head flange screws are designed to distribute the clamping force across a greater area without the use of a washer.  By eliminating the use of a washer flange screws reduce variables in tightening torque and increase installation speed.  They can also protect the mating surface of the joint from damage that may occur during tightening. 

12 point flange screws are often an alternative to socket head cap screws.  The head height and flange diameter are designed to fit in the same counter bored hole used for standard socket head cap screws.  The 12 point design allows for greater torque to be applied and removes the problem of rounding the socket that may occur with socket head cap screws.   

Infasco can provide hex flange and 12 point flange screws to Imperial and Metric standards with industry standard and specialty coatings.  PPAP’s available for production run parts.  Parts to Print with special requirements are always welcome.

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Dimension range


Diameter : 5/16" to 3/4"

Length : 3/4" to 10"


Diameter : M6 to M20

Length : 16 mm to 250 mm



SAE J429, ASME-ANSI B.18.2.1


SAE J1199, SAE J429, ISO 4014 / 4017, ASME-ANSI B.18.2.4M, ASME-ANSI B.18.2.9M, DIN 1665, DIN 6921



5 - 8


8.8 - 9.8 - 10.9 - 11.9 - 12.9

Technical drawing

Flange Hex Head Screws

Surface finishing

Plain, Zinc, Phosphate & oil or with a speciality coating to specification.