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Checking Stock

Click on “Purchasing and Stock Checking” Choose your “Ship to” from the drop-down menu

The 5 search options that are available are:

  • Customer Part Code
    Provide us with your part codes and we will upload them to our system, or enter them yourself on our user-friendly templates
  • UPC Codes
    Enter the last 5 digits of our UPC codes. (up to 63 at a time) Order History –Choose from your past orders
  • Part Characteristics
    Choose the product, grade, plating, description and dimensions
  • Templates
    Create your personalized order templates

Place an Order after you Check Stock

After you have completed your stock check on the “Purchasing-Item Selection” page, enter your quantity and click on “Add to Check List.” On the “Purchasing-Check List” page, click on “Convert to Order.”