Benefits to reduced package size; The Mini-Keg Solution

The challenges to do business today are unprecedented. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every aspect of our lives, both personally and in business. Those who are going to be successful in this challenging business environment are those who adapt swiftly, nimbly, and decisively to the changing business conditions.

Infasco is not only a supplier of fasteners—we are a solution provider!

The Infasco Mini-Keg is a three-gallon (3.5 US gallon) keg with a maximum weight of 70 lb., which is less than half the weight of our full-size keg. It comes standard with a ratcheting ring closure allowing easy opening and secure resealing.

The keg graphic design allows for quick identification of an Infasco keg. Optionally, the Rapid Check keg identification can be added to simplify identification of specific kegs from across the warehouse or jobsite.


  • At half the weight of a full-size keg, the mini-keg can much reduce the potential for back strain when moving product into and out of inventory.
  • The resealable ring allows quick, safe, easy opening of the keg and a positive seal to ensure extended integrity of the product within.
  • With the smaller volumes in the mini-kegs, customers now have the ability to expand their inventory of fastener sizes while maintaining the same storage allocation.
  • Smaller mini-keg quantities also allow consumption of the product without extended time on the shelf, for a higher product turnover.
  • The large blue triangle on the keg easily identifies the product quality to be that of Infasco.
  • The Infasco mini-keg size makes it ideal for reuse as well since it is 100% steel; it is can be easily recycled on the jobsite.

For more information on the Infasco mini-keg, please contact us!

Rick Brown
Business Development Manager for Structural Products &
Technical Services Manager